Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Go on and put your ear to the ground, you know you will be hearing that sound....

Have you ever met someone and felt a connection?

Like a for real, serious face connection?

It’s like every word this person says is a direct reflection of the deepest recesses of your soul? Echoing thoughts and feelings that you never believed you could share with another person?

The very idea that there is someone in the world that not only understands you, but feels the same way, rocks you to the core of your being?

Like, “for reals” feelings. Feelings that I didn’t even know I could admit to myself.

I’ve met that person and I’m scared.

Scared of rejection? Scared to end up alone? Scared it’s too soon?


Scared because that person is Amy Winehouse and that bitch is on crack.

Besides our obvious shared love for liquid eyeliner for daytime wear, we both run around just so we don’t have to think about thinking.

Our tears dry on their own.

We can both sniff out Tanqueray.

I relate to every song.

(Except maybe Rehab, I think the closest I’ve come to needing rehab was when I almost put myself in a diabetic coma by eating an entire bowl of uncooked brownie mix one night in college. What? We made it without eggs. Make brownies not frownies.)

I guess it just goes to prove that you can find a soulmate in the last place you would expect. Maybe it’s a colleague of your best friend that you’ll meet in a local bar. Maybe it’s a boy from your fifth grade class. Maybe that person is passed out in a dark alley known for its thriving and active drug community.

I guess the moral of the story is that he/she is out there. Keep looking. Also, don’t do drugs.