Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Watch out, Cupid stuck me with a sickness, pull your little arrows out and let me live my life

As it turns out, combining two terms into something new and funny is something that my friends, who are hilarious, enjoy doing and have done so for quite some time.

Take my friend, Erica, for example. Also, read her blog, which she updates just as frequently as I update mine.

Back in 2004, she and a coworker started making a list celebrity names mixed with medical ailments and the like.

The list had not been updated since that fateful day UNTIL she was inspired by my 80s bakery post and decided it was time to revisit the list. I feel like we’ve created a modern day set of celebrity-based Garbage Pail Kids and I could not be more proud. Also, the bar for things I am proud of is set very, very low. I woke up today! Hooray!


Malady Gaga

Katy Periodontitis

Jason Derulowflowpriapism

Gucci Manic Depressive

Ke$ha - It just sounds like a disease, and frankly, it looks like she might have something

Taylor Swift’s Disease

Brucellosis Springsteen

Diseasy E.

Culture Clubfoot

Croup Doggy Dogg

Biggie Smallpox

ChlamyDionne Warwick

Elton Jaundice

Garthritis Brooks

Robert Plantar's Wart

HalitOtis Redding

Cirrhosis Mixalot


Christina Hendricketts

Tinnitus Fey

Mariska HargiTay-Sachs

Rita Wilson's Disease

Amy BiPohler

Julia Louis-Dried Pus

John Hammertoe

Lupus Gossett Jr.

Lindsay Lohandfootandmouth disease

Rosacea O'Donnell

Paris Hiltonsilitis

Johnny Carcinoma

Scarlet Fever Johansson

Hepatitis B Arthur

GonorRhea Perlman

Sickle Cell AneMia Farrow

Bends Affleck (or Ben Afflicktion)

Molly Ringworm

Sharon Kidney Stone

Russell Crohn's Disease

Charles Bronchitisson (pushing it)


Massive Attachycardia

Motley Croup

Kings of Leiomyomas


Temper Trapidheartbeat


2 Live Flu


Bon Jovinile Diabetes

Great Whitehead

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stalked in the forest too close to hide, I'll be upon you by the moonlight side

What happens when you find out a friend of yours not only shares your love of everything 1980s but also your desire to open a bakery in Maine?

The following list of potential 1980s themed bakery names:

(Thank you Jen, Jenna and Chris for your HILARIOUS suggestions and reinforcing I have the funniest friends ever)

I Knead You Tonight


Top Bun

Bread Poets Society

Buns ‘N Roses

Back to the Chewture - A write-in suggestion from Colin S. Brilliant!

Total Eclipse of the Tart

Biscotti Kid Part Chew


Whip It

PYT - Pretty Yum Things

I Want To Know What Loaf Is

Dexy’s Midnight Muffins

Fondant Goes to Hollywood

Love is a Butterfield

Take My Bread Away

She Blinded Me With Dessert

Love Bites

Take It On The Bun

Hewey Lewis and the Brews

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Cooking For

Another One Bites the Crust

Hungry Like the Wolf

Pour Some Sugar On Me

She Blinded Me With Croissants

Might Morphin Flour Rangers

Indiana Scones and the Truffle of Doom

This is Ginger Snap

Ferris Cruller’s Day Off

Bake Me Up Before You Go-Go

I Love Wok and Rolls

Hit Me With Your Best Pot

We Got the Beat (ers)

We’re Not Gonna Bake It

We’re Not Gonna Cake It

Flock of Struedels
Big Truffle in Little China

LadyFingers In Red

Sweet Child Of Mine

Pie Hard

Electric Creams

License to Fill

Baking Mr. Right

The Naked Bun

Red Velvet

Whisk-y Business

Valley Twirl

Young Buns

Girls Just Want to Have Flan

You Cook Me All Night Long

Half Baked

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Fat Times at Ridgemont Pie

Teenage Mutant Ninja http://www.chocolate-candy-mall.com/images/chocolate-turtles-44610.jpg
Bakers of the Lost Ark

You’ve Got the Right Fluff

Field of Creams

Blade Bunner

I Want Candy

Candy Girl

It Must Have Been Lard…But It’s Over Now.